YOUWEMD-Lámpara de fototerapia, dispositivo para tratamiento de Vitiligo, UV, NarrowBand, luz ultravioleta, terapia de manchas de Psoriasis, Eczema, 311NM, UVB

Nombre de la marca: YouWeMed

Origen: China continental

Tipo de artículo: Instrumento de fisioterapia

Certificación: CE

Tamaño: 110V 220V

Material: ABS

Número de modelo: BU 1S

Uso: ARM

Band: 311nm

Applicable Disease 1: Vitiligo

Applicable Disease 2: Psoriasis

Applicable Disease 3: Eczema

Voltage standard: 110-220v (You can note when placing)

Warranty: 1 Year

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Category: Beauty & Health

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1. La fuente de luz utiliza una lámpara ultravioleta especial producida por la empresa holandesa Philips, con alta estabilidad y larga vida útil.
2. Tamaño pequeño, peso ligero, operación simple, los pacientes lo llevan, se puede tratar en casa.
3. Alta intensidad de radiación y efecto de tratamiento evidente.
4. El Reflector se instala dentro del Irradiador para mejorar el efecto de radiación.


Aplicable a unidades clínicas para tratamiento de irradiación ultravioleta de vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema enfermedades de la piel

Fototerapia UV tecnología

La intensidad de la irradiación es alta y la penetración es débil. Solo puede rradiar la epidermis y no amasar el tejido subcutáneo


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Customer Reviews


Everything is fine, but there was a risk that it came broken, because. The box was heavily clogged on one side. It turned out lucky, on the other side of the box there was no device

Excellent product I just want to know if you can send me the base without lampara

Delivery 3 weeks. Description corresponds. Efficiency needs to be checked.

The lamp came quickly enough. During transportation did not suffer. With psoriasis, it really helps to relieve the escalation. I do not regret buying.

Fast delivery! I cannot give any feedback now because i'm abroad. I will open it when I return next month...

Everything works I can not immediately evaluate the result But assembled worthy Glasses adapter included

The goods came quickly, the effect is noticeable literally through several applications, instruction only in English but the seller sent in electronic form, can be translated

Delivery 2 weeks to Chelyabinsk. Everything is fine, it works.

Goods received, sorry there is no instruction in Russian language,

Fast delivery, everything works

Delivery is fast. The effect is good, but if you do it for a long time, you get a fire. If you write with attention, it is an excellent product.

Before the Japanese came for 6 days

Quick Shipping English Description I 've still used it once, but I expect the effect

The device is good and effective

It wasn't coridoff. The women of zobila testuvannia

Is OK but if basking temperature burns can wear Oh.

Thank you

During use

I ordered this with a us plug. It did not come with a us plug instead it came with a universal adapter that is loose fitting in the plug outlet. By not having a proper us plug this device will not last as long. The turning off and on by the loose plug is annoying almost to the point of throwing it away. The package was wrecked upon delivery however it was packed very well and the device seems to be in working order minus the plug issue.

Item arrived relatively quick. It is a rathe cheaply made plastic device and they could not even get the right plug fitted. This is not acceptable for a $120 device and I'm sure they make more then $100 profit on it. However, I hope it will be good for my skin disorder.

Good afternoon, I haven't received the package, and it seems like I have. Received. I need you to confirm that you are on your way and that day will come, it's for a gift, plus, that you are paid. Thanks

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