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Origin: CN(Origin)

Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones

Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone X

Certification: NONE

Model Number: sim card reader

Product Type: SIM Card Readers/Backup

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Product introduction: read and edit phone calls and text messages stored in mobile phone cards, support 2G/3G/4G cards, and install computer software to read them (not support telecom 4G cards). USB interface; SIM, UIM, PHS card reader.

When you:

● If you accidentally lose your phone, you suffer from the loss of important contacts and short messages in the phone due to not backing up in time.

● I am afraid of losing important contact information in my mobile phone, and I am still taking time and effort to copy and backup by hand.

● If you get a complete address book, but you have a headache when adding items to your phone.

● When you want to save all kinds of online humorous, warm, classic and other short messages in your phone but don’t want to time-consuming typing.

● When the short message capacity in the mobile phone is full and I have to reluctantly give up my love.

● When you want to sort and save the memorable short messages.

Can help you solve it easily.

Function introduction:

● Batch input of phone book.

● Batch input of short messages.

● Import and export the phone book.

● SMS import and export.

● Card-to-card data mutual conduction.

● One-key quick printing of the phone book.

● Daily management of personal data.

● Convenient mobile storage.

Function Details:

1. This product is suitable for SIM card phone book and SMS writing.

2. Reading, editing, backing up mobile phone book and short message information, printing and other functions.

3. Easily sort, edit, and backup phone ringtones and pictures.

4. Support, ICQ, MSM use information family online materials to save in time.

5. A device for information and data exchange between modern mobile phones and computers.

6. Quickly read and write data and phone numbers of various mobile phone SIM cards, and can cooperate with the SIM smart card to realize the backup of the original card's phone book, text messages and other data.

7. Any copy of the SIM card's phone book, text messages, etc., can be backed up to another ordinary SIM card or a smart SIM card.

8. Realize the independent backup of all data such as phone numbers, text messages, etc. of different SIM cards to the computer.

9. Support USB2.0 fast reading and writing. PIN PUK rewrites the encryption operation instantly.

Installation Notes:

1. Run the SETUP.EXE executable file in the USB SIM Editor folder in the CD.

2.Then insert the SIM card into the card reader, insert the card reader into the USB port of the computer, and the system will automatically install the driver after the hardware is found.

3. After installation, open the SIM Editor program and click Connect.

Friendly Reminder:

When the mobile phone card is inserted, the chip is facing down and the notch is facing out. Do not insert the wrong card, otherwise the card may be burned out! ! !


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