Tuya Zigbee Leak Sensor Water Leakage Detector Leakage Sensor Water Sensor Prevent Water Leakage For Smart Home var SmartLife

Brand Name: RightSitu

Origin: CN(Origin)

Smart home platform: Tuya

Model Number: ZD08

Certification: CE,FCC,RoHS

Battery Type: CR2032(included)

Battery Life: Over 1 Year

Wireless Type: Zigbee

Size: 52.5X26.5X13 mm

Probe Cable: 1.0 m

APP Support: Smart Life

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Product Features:

1. Water poof, water leak detection
The sensor can detect whether there are water leakage at the installation location. If this is found, the information will be pushed to the phone immediately.
2. Easy to Install
The installation of the sensor is very simple, you can use adhesive taps to install at the location you need to install, please note that the installation location should be connected to the Zigbee Hub.
3. Use Zigbee, Tuya Zigbee hub is required
The sensor uses Zigbee to communicate with the server for data. So it won't be disturbed by other WiFi devices. Its communication link is more stable and faster.
4. Remote Monitoring
The alarm information and records of the sensors are all stored on the server. This design allows us to monitor whether there is water in the home or office from any place through the smartphone. And can also share the control information of the device to others.
6. Low battery consumption
The power consumption of the sensor in standby mode is very small, and one CR2032battery can be used for one year. And when it detects that the battery is low, it will remind you to replace the battery through the alarm message.

Tuya Zigbee Hub Requested

This door sensor doesn't work alone. It doesn't need to work with Tuya ZigBee hub to function

Product Parameter:

Battery: CR2032(included)
Wireless Type: Zigbee
Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃ (32℉ ~104℉ )
Working Humidity: 20%~85% RH
Storage Humidity: 0%~90% RH
App Support: Smart Life
Material: ABS

Where can I use it?

You can install it in anywhere you worried about water leakage. For example: Kitchen, sink, bathroom, fish tank. Or you can use sensors to remind yourself that a container is full of water.

Working Principle

When the two feet of the detector was immersed by the water, the alert notifications will be pushed to your phone, be aware of water overflowing in time, reducing flooding risk.

APP Remote Control

Mobile APP control, connected to the network via Wi-Fi/3G/4G/5G, Remote control at any time. After the sensor detects the leak, it immediately pushes a message to your mobile APP

Low battery reminder:

If the sensor detects that the battery voltage is low, it will send you a message to remind you to replace the battery.


Based on 200 reviews

Customer Reviews

Everything is fine, they work, batteries and Velcro are available. Only Alice considers the sensor switch or socket (optional), other options do not offer, and this, of course, is idiotism. But this is not a fault neither the seller nor the manufacturer.

Minus-the quality of plastic, plus-everything else At home assistant flies on hurray

Sensors came quickly despite the Chinese New Year. Work is not yet involved. There will be problems with the feedback.

Waterdetectie works very well and quickly. Is working on the ics1000 of trust/klikaanklikuit

Everything is excellent! Item as described and comes in excellent condition! highly recommend seller and store! hope to deal again! Thanks to seller!

Well packaged product and fast shipping Works with battery CR2032 included Sensor is very fast response Unfortunately could not use as trigger in Alexa Still very good product

Got the sensor. Connected to the ZigBee hub quickly. Alerts come on the phone instantly. But still more satisfied with the sensor without a wire in the form of a tablet. On the extreme photo. I will order more of it

The quality is excellent! Took 2 pcs. The settings of the sensor by notification are a lot. There is a tamper behind signals about removing the base. Pairing button with Gateway under the lid from below. For pairing you need to open. In the kit Scotch. Came with batteries (type 2032)

Got it. Works. It is not clear why on the inside the switch. I'll deal with time.

Sensors are good. It is convenient that the device can be removed separately from the contact itself. Easy to connect. React to humidity (enough to wet the finger and close two contacts).

shipping and settings are perfect. to pair to zibee gateway remove the cover and press the button inside during 5 seconds.

The box is crumpled, the sensor is working. Reacts quickly.

Compatible with Zigbee2Mqtt

The description corresponds to the product I recommend

Works, connected to SLS шлюзу and home assistant

Everything works. Chic sensor.

Everything works, as it should.

Thank you, fast shipping.


Connected to ST very well Good work with Nortek Water Leak Sensor DTH.

Binding went without problems. Humidity works.

Sensor Working. The lock was legit right away. Powered by "tablet" CR. Works on contact with raw skin (test).

The sensor works instantly! There is an alarm function for interference inside the sensor. Thank you seller!

Parcel received without damage. Excellent quality ZigBee water leak sensor, compared to a WiFi sensors, it works much faster! Very well works with Tuya or SmartLife app. Very good and responsible seller and excellent store!

Everything is fine, a small miniature size (according to the picture it seems that a giant device)

working as expected, transmission distance coul dbe longer

Everything works, there is a tamper, the sensitivity is high, the wire is long.

Will be used to inform water level in box d'água.

It arrived in Japan in 14 days. no problem. Will watch over my home

As description. Fast delivery. With a little DIY modifications it can become smaller, compacter and without dengling wires

It came quickly, everything was fine. Almost without problems, everything in home assistant through z2m and a stick from sonof. The problem was only that the wrong button was still not sure why there was a second. The sensor itself looks very good. It works quickly, tracks the charge. Ordered 5 more pieces, on all dangerous leak zones

Serves on one hundred percent. Instant operation as the presence and the lack of water. Two sensors can be used to control the water in the tank and accordingly automatic its filling.

Work great, fast, but not able to integrate it on Homeassistant using Deconz, ap is not up to date yet, so I had to use Zigbee2mqtt to have it working. This should be fixed with the next release of the image.

Sends status changes in seconds to the ZigBee Gateway

Works, the materials are not premium, but this thing should not be in sight. In Ha z2m flew in one click, I hope to work myself will not have to show it))

In Ha, through z2m, it rolls without problems, sensitive, the removal of the sensor is about a meter. Not very conveniently located contacts-until I figured out how to fix them better on the floor-if you just throw the sensor on the floor, then that the water would reach the meter,,,

They came quickly, they work well. If the price tag returns to the former figures :) I will order more

The device got on free. Delivery was fast, but in the farm was useless, because. He needs a native Zigby lock. I have a kxiaomyshny gateway, but with it the device refused to work. Maybe when it comes in handy ..

Item works very well and can also be connected via Zigbee2MQTT to homebridge.

Works nicely, it sends the signal immediately, it is petty and the cable is long enough, has a hole for easy assembly.

MSK dolgovato went, the general rules, wire length, the battery tablet

Sensors came intact. Took sensors to work with the Gateway. They were registered in the Tuya program without problems. Immediately attached them to the automatic crane. The speed of operation is instant. I checked by applying contacts to a damp sink in the bathroom. Sensors complete with battery. The seller even inserted a special label so that the batteries did not discharge during transportation. Seller recommend.

I'm sorry, narikan is not present. There is no more protest, we have viyna on Ukraine. Ukraine is attacked by Putin.!!! Putin-Huylo.!!!

The sensor is working. The alert is almost instant. On the back side there is a tamper, with his appointment yet did not understand)

Fine product works even with Click to click off Shipping by the store ok but by Aliexpress very bad eventually coming the product after a complaint and terugstorting nevertheless suddenly very quickly from Lithuania as spoedzending. Tracking often reflects that the product all weeks/months suddenly in the Netherlands is and then it turns out lithuania to arrive

The box a little wrinkled, but sensors whole. Battery performance, connected quickly After realized that a button, you want to push for pairing is under the hood, such a small, the fair. Checked some water, it works.

The goods of good quality. Connected with no problems. Checked tripping. Instantly notice in the application. 5 +

Fast delivery to the UK. The product is very responsive and detects very small amounts of water very quickly.

All norms through the Tuya app. Yandex Alice does not see. Tuya's account is stretched

Sensor normal. Connected to the smart Life, Gateway, it works. Set up the script, that triggered when Sensor joined alarm on the Gateway. Inside there is a battery, working through зигби.

Works really well with sonoff usb on home assistant.

The item works perfectly, the store sent the item with the wrong values witch can have bad consequences at customs

Great product and fast delivery

Good Article and simple to make it work

All well recommend

Works, on the battery time will show

Goods received promptly & as described, thanks

worked strate away. very fast and reliable

Very good and treated me perfectly

Good quality thanks, I received all three orders


The goods shipped was actually without packaging. Hope will work.

The sensor really works.

Works perfect, thanks!

As in the description!

Small and easy to carry four.

all ok, recommend

genial de 10

As described


Works very well!

Very Good


all ok

All good

Works as expected on Hubitat

Works, connected through axle зигби ивилинк. Message don't come that drown, just says that leakage or norm. Useless sort. If you only use the script, with pump for example.

it works well. great for the price

Good till now

Long Service, 1,5 a month.

Jump alarms in the hub zigbee although it is clear in the settings. By else works properly.


Shipping lasted 3 months, seller gave the blame to the war in Ukrain. Seller is furthermore advocate from invading sovereign countries, the innocent civilians and ravish assassinating of innocent women. I order here no more!

Product quality ok. Cons that nosh batteries galore. Compelling change the battery at desk car already-23% and sometimes I get alarms for nothing. I not know why.

Smart single-being the crystal safety requirements

After 2 days of installation, I already have a loss of 25% of the battery... At this rate the cost of batteries will ruin me. 25% battery consumed only after 2 days, I hope it will continue in this way otherwise I will be replacing battery every month

The device has a problem with the battery contact. all in all, the device does not work

Poor connection with the distributor (hub). Constant interrupting of the connection does not work on the puddle of water!!!

Never arrived.

Got it, checked it. Connected, configured, leak notification after 2-3 seconds has already come to the notification in the app. Very fast. The sensor is sensitive, even through the hands works. Very satisfied, I will still buy myself.

All well recommend

All well recommend

The broken one came in, the money was returned.

Works exactly how I wanted it to!

Everything works

Good quality Thanks

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