shuoer S12 |14.8mm Planar Magnetic Driver IEM Hi-Fi Earphones with Silver Plated Monocrystalline Copper Cable 3.5mm Headphones

Brand Name: LXDAC

Style: In-ear

Vocalism Principle: Orthodynamic

Origin: Mainland China

Active Noise-Cancellation: No

Control Button: No

Communication: Wired

Volume Control: No

Certification: CE

Plug Type: Line Type

Impedance Range: up to 32 Ω

Waterproof: No

Magnet Type: Neodymium

Wireless Type: None

Package List: Detachable Audio Cable

Codecs: NONE

Is wireless: No

Charging Method: Cable

Support APP: No

Function: Monitor Headphone,for Video Game,HiFi Headphone,Sport

Sensitivity: 102dB

Max Output: 2000mW

Line Length: 1.25m

Number Of Drivers: 2

Model Number: S12

Driver Diameter: 10mm

Resistance: 16Ω

Frequency Response Range: 20 - 30000Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3%

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Shuoer S12 planar magnetic transducer in-ear headphone dedicated 14.8mm unit 102dB 3.5mm 4.4mm balanced 0.78mm hifi headphone

Brand: Shuoer

Model: S12

Color: silver, gun/grey color

Specifications (interface): 3.5mm, 4.4mm


Based on 134 reviews

Customer Reviews

In built and above that costs without flaws and ergonomic, cable high quality and durable, Sound very transparent and broad very detailed answers very well at all frequencies without missing or exaggerate works well with most genres of music needs a good dongle DAC for its capacity touch more open and transparent this planar!

Great phone, but need a DAC to give account of power that he asks to work well

The item was sent quickly, arrived quickly, and was well packaged. I am very impressed with the sound quality of these.

Great phone, very detailed, good record, good stage, very helpful, recommend

The shipment was fast. As for the audio it offers for me it's a little high on the high frequencies.

Long waited for the shipment, but it was worth it. Headphones Super!

Order received before the estimated date. Packed two layers. Box without mingun damage. As for the headphones-it's the sound I wanted a long time ago. I 've tried a lot of headphones and didn't hit the ones I really like, now if I'm satisfied. The Cuttles are miy extended, more than in Aria reaching the level of Kbear Lark, but without being so “-sharp and it is noted as if they caress the ears The basses, if they exist, are noticed to the deepest-do not add or remove. An exelent purchase! Also, thank the seller for the attention and communication. If in the future I need something, before I ask another mirare if he has it available. A hug, I hope I was useful

Okey. DD-giving pressure do not like in BA made exp gun pressure while not a DD's dynamic as moderately and or BA in reference to separation degree resolution according to well-made earphone is. Great IEM Dynamic of DD + resolution of BA

Great product and seller nice enough to give further discount

In-ear excellent, certainly the best ever used, with good tips. Recommend the seller sent the product quickly and well packed.

The product corresponds to the description. Headphones are good. The seller is very friendly, made a good discount. Headphones came in two weeks, up to m. o.

Shipping very fast, arrived in like 10 days. Box a little scuffed, but otherwise fine. Product as expected

Ordered 15.5 and recieced 6.6. so it was kinda fast to Czech Republic Also nice comunication woth seller. I can give him recomendation.

Very good headphones, came us all. Recommend the store! Best ever listened to HJ Price worth being

Headset amazing, very comfortable and well accepted equalization, equalizei slightly acute and now is super excellent, easy to rotate also in mainly cell

Excellent iems. 2 weeks delivery to country (and 2 more internally). Recommend.

Very good, very resistant, great quality and contact with the seller hurts excellent. Recommend

Earphone sensational sound clear and detailed, shuoer S12 Mt worth

Packed perfectly! Thank you! Like all planars require warm-up. More HF and LF in comparison with 7Hz. As for me, more tiring in contrast to 7Hz, but in general are similar. Another Chinese top for $100. No jokes. Comfortable fit, not demanding to the source, excellent stock cable. I recommend it to everyone. For this money, just a treasure and a killer of tops.

I’m a bit sensitive to high frequency peaks and in general prefer warm and bassy signature, so was afraid S12 will be too bright for me (coming from FIIO FH3). Boy was I wrong! S12 are fantastic all across the spectrum and a great joy to listen! They are also extremely well respond to EQ, so I make them bass cannons if I want for EDM, them tone it down for jazz or folk. They are also extremely comfortable and the provided cable is very nice. Definitely and end game IEM for me (thank god). My old FH3 were gifted to my little bro on the same day I got these.

It is a little difficult to take the volume, but if the setting is decided, it is a good earphone that plays a great sound.

Great customer service. The staff replied to the messages very quickly. Highly recommended!

The product came well packaged and working perfectly, great IEM (huge improvement in sound quality compared to the Tanchjim Ola I was using before)

- excellent warm treble and sub-bass sound - excellent store

Very well made, sound quality is spectacular!

The best ever used. Clear, decisive, extremely detailed, without spikes me incomodem, no variation in timbre of instruments that is relevant. The best for classical music, has all this genus asks Could have a little, very little, more US medium bass, has a subgrave quite deep and dense, but the medium bass could have 1 or 2DB more. But in impact, the bass SOCAM my ears ruthlessly, impact and high speed Great texture and a sound stage remarkable ability, not expansive, sometimes a Moondrop appears to produce sounds more away from you, but the stage in S12 organization is very top, can realize the layers of sound and the position is much more accurate. Excellent Simply, manjar to my ears. Thank you with brand name shower

Delicious sound, comfortable fit, you can use in the metro, quality cable

All good, excellent headphones. Thank you

Excellent headset. The best that had so far. Worth every penny. At first I was using the direct cell, played very well, but decided to buy a FiiO btr3k to see if improved a little bass. Indeed improved sound, gave a more presence. And the treble that were a bit sintilantes when the direct cell, also greatly improved.

Quality construction and ergonômia excellent. Cable "crude"! Easy Touch right on smartphone, despite using a dongle tempotec Sonata HD v. Included case good quality. Sound with excellent definition. Hype confirmed!

The seller did well, gave a discount, even after the end of the promotion. Quickly sent. Headphones are excellent, I recommend

Excellent hearing aids, quality on average frequencies is what highlights, well-defined bass, well-controlled acute frequencies, high quality in materials and accessories.

Unfortunately, I received headphones with a slight defect- the speaker clicks when installed in my ear, but this defect does not interfere with listening to music.

excellent service by seller as usual - always my go to shop for any iems. On to the iems: the bass is the star of the show for sure - so smooth and textured i prefer it over DD bass. The treble can be a bit sharp depending on the track/recording but manageable for sure. mids aren't recessed but at the same time are further back in the mix. Very energetic and detailed listening for sure. 10/10 recommended!

The product came very soon to CDMX everything excellent

Quick delivery time and excellent IEM's for their price. I'd say the Raptgo Hook-X is still the better planar, but not by much, while these IEM's can be bought for nearly half the price. An excellent deal. Recommended!

Not have much to say, only this phone is amazing. Extremely satisfied.

Excellent Product, 13 days of purchase to my house, hype confirmed.

WOW, definitely an iem worth a lot, planar and with a great quality of construction and sound. The seller highly recommended as well.

Long Service, packed very well. Excellent headphones, sound over the entire range of excellent.

Very good headphones. The sound is better than tinhifi P1 plus.

Great earphone, high quality sound. Bass, middle and treble right. Changed the tips that came and changed also the cable, has the curve shape ear very hard and uncomfortable. Am still doing the burn-in after post more details.

Simply spectacular, sound very balanced, great bass, an excellent medium and a sharp spectacular.

About the seller excellent attention, always willing to solve doubts, shipping the super fast product and genuine new headphones and in accordance with the excellent requested everything very happy with the shopping experience. From the hearing aids a very detailed, energetic sound outstanding actually, excellent construction quality excellent cable, enough foam and silicone tips accessories. Shipping to Mexico just under 3 weeks well packaging very safe.

Like, expectations, great sound, very balanced, accurate and clear, recommend.

Hype is real, S12 is such a great value for a planar. Sound is not short of astonishing, It's a Timeless but 2-pin and cheaper. Cable is very high quality, case too. I'm totally impressed and satisfied with the purchase and the seller. Soon I'll review this phone on head-fi.

Fast shipping. The product was very well packed. I'm very satisfied with this purchase.

Item was well packaged and delivery was prompt. So far I'm very impressed with the sound quality, all the more so considering the price. Do note that it needs a little bit more power to drive it and a good ear seal is paramount (a wide range of ear tips are provided in the box). Highly recommended !

Fast shipping. Best iems I have ever owned … and I have owned hundreds! Planer is inherently better than DD. New paradigm. Very happy with S12.

Excellent audio quality, shipped on time, good packaging

Very good headphones. They came very well protected. It denotes a very good construction and its spectacular sound, very clear without being entertained.

The package arrived very fast in 15 days, arrived very well packing and the seller's attention was very good for now doing the burning process and enjoying

Best planar magnetic money market. Despite all the difficulties lockdown, was the fastest delivery. Arrived before products that had been previously purchased.

Really amazing. Sounds so clear that is almost a little harsh, but still fits in the pleasant category. It's not a basshead phone The basses are there, just the way the master defined them to be without being overprinted. Wide soundstage and resolution. It's a really good IEM.

Came very well packed. All OK. Delivery was so fast. Great seller.

Are good. Sit comfortably. With HF all norms, do not peel.

Exceptional price. Very solid structure and polished (mainly the cable, which, despite the ruggedness, not heavy); ergonomic, fit very good (especially compared to timeless). Sound excellent, detailing remarkable. Bass fast and textured, medium fine open and treble extensive (arrive the border the wheezing, but a small equalization is perfect). The seller was extremely attentive service very helpful. Fast delivery. Recommend too!

Earphone exceptional. Worth every penny. Fast delivery.

Amazing IEM. Delivered fast and correct. Also great support from seller.

Sound is rich and enrich my favorite type. Personally electronic steel plate type did better than the

Shipping fast. Sounds really good. Best Price business earphone as recommended.

Received in 17 days, no fees.

Very good product, Good seller. Recommended!

Great seller.

High quality and Hi-Res. Normal delivery!

crispy... the sound is so...cruspy! its delicious!

all great. v shape sound, very fast and clear!

suenan genián, amazing sound, i recommend It

They're worth every penny

Came very fast, all right, recommend

A good. But I expected more a little in detailing bass, midrange and treble. The improved a little when changed the original eartips that comes with it by eartips more open. Maybe because I be poorly used with quality Kato. But as I said is a good in-ear in terms of tonal balance and has an excellent ergonomics. It is very light and comfortable. The cable and case are of excellent quality and very beautiful. I recommend.

Excellent phone

Very good!!


Discount when 삿 is a nicer something negative ion cold feeling

love these Planar headphones.

It's good headphones more a little serious missing,

Waited over 100 days, iem is good.

To the headphones with a connector 2-pin 0.78mm sent a cable with an mmms. WHY ???

Simplesmente não recebi meu pacote e o Aliexpress fez pouco caso, dizendo que eu deveria verificar o que aconteceu com os correios, sendo que eles são os responsáveis pelo envio! Abri uma manifestação nos correios e eles não sabem onde minha encomenda se encontra, provavelmente deve ter sido extraviada. O vendedor não me responde mais, ou seja, fiquei sem o produto e sem o dinheiro! Nunca mais compro nada de valor elevado na plataforma... Tomem cuidado para não ficarem no prejuízo como eu! I simply did not receive my package and Aliexpress ignored it, saying that I should check what happened with the post office, since they are responsible for the shipping! I opened a reclamation at the post office and they don't know where my package is, it must have been lost. The seller doesn't answer me anymore, that is, I was without the product and without the money! I will never buy anything of high value on the platform again... Be careful not to be at a loss like me!

Excellent shipping and delivery, Parabens

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