PGST PG-107 4G Tuya Wireless Home WIFI GSM Home Security With Motion Detector Sensor Burglar Alarm System Support Alexa & Google

Brand Name: PGST

Origin: Mainland China

Smart home platform: Tuya

Alarm Type: The Alarm,SMS,GPRS,Apps Control

Size: 160*98*19

Connection Type: Wireless

Power: DC 5V/1A

Video Interface: No

Display: Yes

Arming Type: APP

Zone Number: 99

Certification: CE,RoHS

Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor

Output Number: 99

Password Keyboard: Yes

Model Number: PG107

Feature: Tuya

Zone Number: 99pcs wireless zones 4pcs wire zones

Feature 1: Home Security Protection Alarm System

Wireless Frequency: 433mhz

WIFI system: IEEE802.11b/g/n Wireless Standard

Built in 10 languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, French

Feature 2: 4.3 inch touch screen

Feature 3: Support Mobile phone app

Feature 4: RFID tag Control

GSM Band: 850/ 900/1800/1900MHz

Support Network: GSM/WIFI

Feature 5: Full-capacity Touch Screen Operation

Feature 6: With IP Camera

Feature 7: With Smoke Detector

Feature 8: With doorbel button

Support: Support Alexa / Google Assistant

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PGST Wireless Home 4G WIFI GSM Burglar Home Security With Detector Sensor Burglar Alarm System

Master Your Own Home Security

Why Choose us?

PG-107 is a 4.3-inch IPS screen, called "Super TFT", which is a technology upgraded from TFT.

Compared with TFT, it has the advantages of large viewing angle, accurate color reproduction, no water ripple on touch, environmental protection and power saving.

Support Tuya Smart Life

Protect your property from the inside out, you can set up the entire system without tools or professional installation, and it can be set up in 10 minutes.

Support remote control for Android & IOS, as long as a mobile phone, you can control the entire system

Support Wifi/GSM Alarm System

Support different alarm channels

(App push/SMS/voice monitoring/center alarm to ensure the alarm performance stable and reliable)

Be Online All the Time

Built-in rechargeable 1000mAh lithium battery, support wired connection socket, power automatically converted for standby, at the same time, it also has the functions of low-power reminding and anti-disassembly. Double guarantee, make you more at ease.


Built-in battery, turn on first when using.

More Stable Connection

Using upgraded IC chip and brand new module, longer working distance, more stable connection.

DIY Home Security Alarm Accessories

Up to 100 remote controllers, RFID cards and wireless detectors to add

Up to 99 wireless defense zones, and 4 wired defense zones

Linked with Tuya IP Camera

PG-107 linked with Tuya camera T53, they can be controlled on Smart Life App, build your smart home.

After connection, when there is an alarm, the camera will turn on motion detection alarm

Two-way Voice Intercom Function

Make and receive calls, voice messages, SMS remote control, provide you with an intelligent life

One Product, Multiple Uses

You can connect the doorbell button to use the alarm system as a doorbell, no longer need to buy a doorbell kit, simple and convenient

Scheduled Arm/Disarm

It's trouble to set up arm/disarm every day,

Scheduled arm timer /disarm timer according to your needs

Stay Informed Anytime, Anywhere

Support multiple extended alarms such as main power failure, backup battery shortage, etc.

With wireless sensor battery low voltage, anti-disassembly alarm function

Armed, doors and windows open warning

Built in 10 Languages

Can set the language: Chinese, English, Russian, German, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Italian, French, Portuguese.

5 Groups Alarm Phone Number

Up to 5 groups preset alarm phone numbers, SMS on/off and voice on/off can be set respectively.

Support Wired/Wireless Siren

External wired siren interface, 1 external wireless siren, amplify the sound, make the sound more clear, scare away the thief

Product Features

1. 4.3 inch full-capacity touch screen operation, state magnetic paste, date and time display, main interface clearly.
2. Support 99 wireless zones, 4 wired zones.
3. Wifi/GSM networking alarm system.
4. Support remote arming and disarming.
5. Phone fuction, support 5 groups of redial numbers.
4. You can download the corresponding mobile app, you can deploy and disarm at any time on the mobile app,And other settings
5. When alarm occurred, the hub sends push notifications to your phone. After that, the hub will also make phone calls to each pre-set phone number.
6. Contains RFID tag,RFID tags are easy to carry,Easy to use,Tap RFID tag reader zone to arm and disarm.

Package List

1 x Alarm Panel

1 x Alarm Panel
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
2 x PIR Motion Sensor
2 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
2 x PIR Motion Sensor
3 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
3 x PIR Motion Sensor
5 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
3 x PIR Motion Sensor
6 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
4 x PIR Motion Sensor
7 x Door Sensor
3 x Remote Controller
3 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
5 x PIR Motion Sensor
10 x Door Sensor
4 x Remote Controller
4 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
6 x PIR Motion Sensor
12 x Door Sensor
4 x Remote Controller
4 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
6 x PIR Motion Sensor
15 x Door Sensor
4 x Remote Controller
4 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren

1 x Alarm Panel
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren
1 x Smoke Detector

1 x Alarm Panel
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren
1 x Doorbell Button

1 x Alarm Panel
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren
1 x Wireless Keypad

1 x Alarm Panel
1 x PIR Motion Sensor
1 x Door Sensor
2 x Remote Controller
2 x RFID Tag
1 x Wired Siren
1 x IP Camera


Based on 74 reviews

Customer Reviews

perfect as described...

Very good, excellent product rewarding

Get ok now to test

fantastic system with lots of features (like delayed and undelayed alarms for different sensors when the system is armed etc) nicely built, intuitive interface, easy to pair keys, remotes and sensors integrates with smart Tuya devices (for example when the alarm goes, our intelligent lights switch on) very easy installation of sensors (paring/activating etc) support by the shop is excellent also after they sold the device things I did not know but are supported : up to 4 physical (wired) devices so excellent for barriers or custom items What I did not like was the fact I can not group sensors into 1 logical group/zone but for this price I did not really expect this feature (would be great and would deserve a 6th star) What I miss is a large board saying "protected by Tuya" :-) to deter potential intruders (I live in the sticks in ISaan Thailand)

Great product. It works well. One problem: to configure the sensors are due to go in a basement because riconosceva sensors of neighbors

quality product and super fast shipping highly recommended to all

They sent the right product. I knew it came with US plug even though asked for AU plug. However worked out fine once found out just uses usb cable for power. seems easy enough to use haven't full setup at a location yet but tried unit just on bench seems to work great.

Whole good base, 4g makelijk to configure, works fine.

Waited for a very long time, the order came from the third time, the packing as from the washing box is crumpled and wrapped in a grinding bag.

Exactly as described, now I only have to mount it

Excellent system..easy to connect..very effective..Recommended seller is 100%

Had an issue where sensors were only working for a very short range. Supplier was very helpfull in having the issue rectified. All works properly now. Impressed with the response form the supplier.

Great product. Works very well with the Alexa and features are the same Verisure.

I am very satisfied so far with the system. The overall value is great and system is easy to install. I was able to get the sensors working with Google assistant without much trouble. I definitely recommend it for the price.

Had a trouble the central alarm and the seller sent a new breed without charge. Very good support customer.

The package arrived in good condition, i recommend the seller

The host screen is atmospheric and looks very comfortable

At first the alarm system looks as descrbed. I did not install yet. Fast delivery

Great product fully satisfied!!!!

And if all families go outside,like camping,fishing,no body homework,I fell more safe,because I have this alarm protected my home

All setup went smoothly and can be monitored through the app, which is nice and user friendly

Cool device. Cheap and reliable with prolonged departure, for example on the front door I recommend. About opening and closing will notify. Works on two batteries and the application shows the level of their discharge, the need to replace batteries will warn.

Th remote key fobs that came with it are pretty nice and sturdy and work very well at any entrance despite going through several walls.

I have been testing this system and hands down for the price and ability it is worth every penny and more.

This is a really great product! Easy to install and use. The app interface is user friendly. The sensor is sensitive and reliable.

No monthly fee and contracts with security companies,save a lot of money every year

I’m very happy with this alarm and also ordered another unit for a small store.

my Apartment just got break-in and I am so scared for these things to happen so that I bought it, I tested it so many times I have to say it is really good and you do not need to scare or worry about strangers because when you open the door or window it will notify you. Now when I am at my Apartment or not at my Apartment I feel so safe and my stuff feel safe too

This is a very straightforward but effective security system.

Very easy to set up and the app is very easy to use.

This is perfect for us. It was a little hard to set up at first but after reading the manual all the way through twice it was fine. The time is set in 24 hr format, I'm slowly programming it to our needs but it worked just fine from day one

Installation took about 2 hours including set up using the installed smrt life app.

After one month of use, my wife and I are very happy with this at home. My wife always use the remote control, whenever she leaves the house and I prefer to call via my cell phone. Also, I programmed the system to be armed automatycally at late night and be disarmed at 6:00am, so it doesn’t matter if we forget to actívate it or not.

Easy installation and worked as designed. Highly recommended

There have been several break-ins in my neighborhood the past few months. seems as if the whole world has gone crazy. I purchased this alarm system to have some peace of mind since I didn’t have any luck with central monitored service. not only expensive but also lacking in customer service. This alarm is a terrific alternative. The set up was very straightforward my husband had it done in around 30 minutes.

Good Home Security System, Very Easy To Set-Up & Install In Less Than 10 minutes....Works, Very Well

very nice and convenience ! easy to use and install even I have no knowledge for how to install electronics

I found this alarm system on Amazon with a good price and lots of functions, very easy and convenient to use . I have 2 dogs in my house and I have to work 6 days a week , I would like to monitoring them as much as I can . This works perfectly for me

All ok, fast and recommended to seller

Good alarm and good seller attention.


Easy to install I do recommend this product.

Thank you very much.

Exactly what I needed, easy setup and operations!

Thank you

Nice Security Light and Motion Sensor.

The central control panel is very friendly to use.


helpful vendor, thanks

Super produit

Easy to set up and very loud!

Good product. Arrived quickly. Happy with purchase.

Not yet installed But is very complete. The screen is more small than expected

Works pretty well on the Smartife application nevertheless already had 2 Wi-Fi cuts and I had to reinstall it. Door detectors are not reliable because the alarm said door opened while it was closed. By putting new Energyser batteries it works again. Batteries already empty in new equipment? Weird.

Good product, is as described.

English menu

Good material but problem in the package it was missing parts. It was necessary that I justify myself and that I insist to receive the missing

If you want to burn the house or apartment can buy the crafts. After some time start very warm back alarm where installed built-in power supply (3.7V/1000mAh lithium battery), then the screen cuts off from the strongest overheating and that's it. It's really dangerous thing. The only solution is immediately disconnect built-in аккумуля́тор, not to tempt fate.

everything connects fine at first, but door/window sensors lose connection repeatedly, even from the one that's only 1 metre away from the base. Also, the battery life is terrible. It was plugged in for over 12 hours and i decided to see how long the battery backup lasted. I unplugged the USB and the base shut off after 8 and a half minutes.

Very good arrived very quickly.

He kept the shipment in the Aduna i returned it. I don't get home.

Seller did not put 5 door opening sensors

I give you a star because even though put that the camera is compatible with Alexa, is not well, and well put it in the description and in the box of the product. ¡¡¡HOAX!!! If you want a compatible, buy another apart though so I see that either is guarantee. The seller offers to buy one that is compatible, hahaha, it was this. By else works well with Smart life, nice pictures on smartphone app and Gallery, sd and can be rotated with the app and follow the motion. As far as the alarm quite liked, discrete, siren powerful and detectors sensitive. He did not like the voice in Spanish, But can not be changed. We will see when starting to use it.

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