OPPLE Light Master Pro Light Lux CRI Flicker Meter LED Flashlight Bluetooth IOS Android Tester Tool Photographic Lighting Sensor

Brand Name: OPPLE

Origin: CN(Origin)

Certification: CE

Model Number: Light Master

Bluetooth: Yes

IOS and Android: Yes

Function 1: Tools

Function 2: Lux Meter

Function 3: CRI Meter

Function 4: Color Index Meter

Function 5: Flicker Meter

Function 6: CCT Meter

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Light Master Pro

Notice:  Please don't touch the white area which will make the measurement result inaccurate.

Dear customer:
Light Master 2:  LUX and CCT
Light Master Pro: LUX,CCT,Flicker,CRI(Light Master Pro also called G3 or 3)

The Light Master Pro's stock is limited. It is still a uncertain because of covid virus spread and global chips shortage. 

And we are sorry to announce that there is no more Light Master(2) (Pro) & (3) in the future after it is sold out. 

And we decide to launch many times of unscheduled resotck during this time. Which may be 5-10 pcs restock of every time.

It is unscheduled which we think it is more fair to everyone and it is also a chance to prepared person and the lucky one. 

We are very sorry for that inconvenience brought to you, to all customers, to everyone who loves Light Master. 

We are here looking forward to new Light Master and we are working on the fourth generation. 

If you have some advice, or request about 4th generation, please send Email to us. 
Thank you for your supports of Light Master.

Email Address: [email protected]

Best Wises! 

OPPLE Team, 20th, July, 2022. 

Good Design Award 2019 & iF Design Award & G-Mark Award

Light Master is a simple operation, stylish and user-friendly, compact and portable,

connected to the mobile APP can be measured illumination, chroma and other light parameters.  

It is convenient for lighting designers or other professionals to measure the demand  while improving

the dimension of light, transforming invisible light quality into visible light parameters, and popularizing the recognition of light. 

Energy saving, super long endurance for one year after full charge, eliminating charging trouble. 

From the perspective of industrial design, light master of the professional lighting measuring equipment from a heavy device into a simple and easy to use and fashionable and portable device, compared with the former generation,
lighting master Ⅲ using the golden ratio to readjust and optimize the aesthetic feeling and touch feeling. It has improved users experience, making it not only suitable for men, but also to meet the experience and psychology of many female designers.




Based on 154 reviews

Customer Reviews

Delivered to the north of the Sverdlovsk region in 20 days. Took five in the pedestal. Very original packing! Installed the application, the device is connected. All functions work.

Bought two pieces, check how different. The race is small. Spectrophotometer readings in absolute values can not be trusted, but relative figures with Opple data quite beat. Conclusion-the accuracy for the house is quite sufficient, for tests of bulbs before buying you can safely take.

Came discharged in zero, produced a couple of years ago. After half an hour of charging, he burned and blinked with LED pairing. QR code on the box for downloading an application for Android-non-working, I had to look for an application in the Playmarket by name. If anyone is interested, what is inside it:

The device was needed by a child at school for a scientific conference. The order was made on January 2, the seller sent it on January 8, and 15 more days it was chatting somewhere before export. And this delivery with the sign plus! As a result, the device did not arrive on time, I had to throw it in the trash, I did not need it.

In fact, mastev is an instrument for overseers and other people who deal with LEDs. Measures illumination, color temperature, color rendering index, as well as pulsation. And all this for half a thousand rubles.

Maybe the best purchase this month. A magnificent sensor, precision suits, collected soundly, for such money it's just a find. It would be cool to get a spectrum schedule, I hope developers in the future will be able to add such a function to the app. I came to Moscow in 18 days. ___ Probably the best purchase this month. It's a great sensor, accuracy is satisfying, well built, for the money it's a godsend. It would be cool to get a spectrum graph, I hope the developers can add such a feature to the app in the future.

Now on the case pro version is written III instead of pro and so everything is the same. The device is excellent.

Ordered-paid 17.01.2022. Received the parcel (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod, Pyaterochka)-05.02.2022. 19 days. The track was fully tracked. Packed-in its own branded box (very presentable for a gift), in a puppant bag and in a postal puppant bag. Everything came safe and sound. The device is manufactured-the end of 2019, was discharged in almost 0. Charged (current only 0,04 A). Soft rolled from the market (not through the attached Q-code). All connected, earned. I am pleased. My recommendations and goods and seller.

Ordered in Moscow on June 22, arrived on July 18. Got the 2022 version comparing to the 2020 version. The case is less neat, tight from the metal block. The white disc of the meter is not as uniform as the traces of casting. According to the 2022 version shows about 1,5 times the illumination (Lux), there is no reference meter for checking who lies more. Compared lighting under lustroy and the streets, the instruments were in the shadows. Systematically, the 2022 version shows above the value. By temperature, CRI and pulsations are all close.

On bad lamps shows great pulsations and bad CRI, on good better indicators, on the flashlight well tracks the driver. In general, it works rather than not

does what was promised, the results look reasonable

Let's just say, their money is worth, but only the pro version. Check the LED bulb before buying is quite an option.

Excellent machine at this price. Highly recommended.


Delivery 25 days since payment, AliExpress standard shipping, track in Russia was tracked. Packing is soft postal bag, carton box, damage No. Like many, came discharged in zero, connected the charge for 20 minutes, connected to the smartphone, checked the lamps remez-cri-98. 5, bought a tape for the CRI 95 kitchen lighting, the device showed 97, checked the LEDs with the CRI 95-97, the values are the same. I put it on charging, if it will be discharged after turning off, I will change the MOSFET bss138. Not bad reviews and forums on the device (copy to search): Opple light Master Pro G3, yutube overview Opple light Master III-flashlight Forum Opple light Master III (pro) temperature meter, color rendering, light pulsations. I have a luxmeter radex Lupin good device, there is a possibility of connecting to the computer, but there is no way to measure the CRI, so I bought an oplight light Master I'm happy with the purchase. I recommend the goods and the seller.

Delivery three weeks before the Perm Territory. came discharged, when trying to charge, the charge chip burned the battery. There was a chip marked h3sd, put the analog ltc4054.

Excellent device, the results of measurements are like the truth. Arrived quickly, it is recommended to buy

Everything works with the downloaded application. All as in the description. All OK!

The 22nd year of release, complete carrying bag, measures pulsation, color temperature

The readings of the device quite accurately correspond to the characteristics of the diodes. For its price is not very bad.

The packaging has changed-now comes in a paper box with a rag kiosk. Protection from damage could be better, the box came crushed, the benefit that the case is aluminum-sustained. Description corresponds, works normally. The battery charge was 34%.

You are going to have a lot of fun measuring lights at home. The device is not super accurate but will give you a good idea about lights properties.

For some reason, the declared price on the parcel was higher than the actual one, and also exceeded the limit in my country, had to pay the fee on the basis of the fact.

Delivery to perm 19 days. The product corresponds to the description.

An excellent device for testing lamps, flashlights, LEDs and lighting. Three times cheaper than Radex Lupin and has more functionality. Beautiful packaging, metal body - a great gift for those who want to save their eyesight. Delivery is fast, thanks 5post.

For their money, a very interesting and useful device.

Need pro. Works. Measures lighting and temperature. requires Bluetooth and GPS.

Came in a box on magnetic latches, the device itself of 2020 year the charge was 5% connected to the phone without problems

Good tool. Description corresponds. To work, you need access to GPs. Helps to test light sources for several parameters.

The device is delivered without damage, it works well. Measurement results look like the truth. Thank you seller!

The link by QR code is not activated! Download from Google Play app light Master Pro

The item is punctual eingetroffener good gauge I am very satisfied

Excellent device, works well. The Gen 3 measures CCT, CRI, and PWM flicker. Gen 2 only measures CCT

Delivered quickly, without damage, works. Found that ordinary filament lamps do not pass through pulsations :)

Description corresponds, sent quickly, packed well

Made very carefully, everything works. According to accuracy-the difference of values in measuring light compared to unit ut383 reaches 20% (how much more lying-it is difficult to say). Delivery to Moscow-month.

Release date 52 week 19. Was discharged to 2%, charged with a current of 40 Ma. Can work during charging.

Delivery to Moscow for about a month. It's all right.

Everything is fine, delivery is fast. Application swing in the story, the link to the site does not work.

Just a great device! Neither When could I think that I am surrounded by so many poor quality lighting lamps and poor quality TV and computer monitors. There is something to think about... The seller needs to award to the person who published the review of this device on myski.ru. More than I'm sure that after this publication, the number of sales in post-Soviet republic has increased at times... The device came securely packed through the meest express service. Recommend!

The toy is cool. Delivery to the Dnepr 2 weeks. True, completely discharged.

Goods match the description. An excellent tool for comparative analysis of light sources. However, the accuracy of the device should not be exaggerated. For the price - a useful purchase for the home. Very fast shipping.

All as in the description, I recommend!

Delivery to Ukraine 3 weeks by mistom. The device is excellent (version of the pro), for domestic use accuracy with the head. At the price it turned out 5 times cheaper than less functional radex Lupin.

The package has changed, but there is no problem

Awesome low-cost alternative to a costly light meter - Have already ordered the Pro also.

Great device. All testimony is correct.

Pro version. Excellent device for your money.

Great device

Works. Delivery is quite fast.

Very happy with the product. Thank you very much!

Super Machine, fast delivery :)

Great product, reliable seller!

Very nice tool

Mast HEV.



Is very good

Great thing.




All OK!

It's okay.

works great!


Shows slightly different readings, with a fixed position of the device and a light source. Asked a question to the seller, did not receive the answer

The unit came with an low or uncharged battery, so didn't work out of the box. After charing everything was fine though.

Discharged was in zero, the reference to the application is not working. On how much the results are true to compare with nothing, there is a suspicion (based on comparison with the measured parameters with one known resource), that the error is slightly higher than the amount than


For a long time, maybe because of Ukrainian events. The device works. I did not work according to the description that the series 2 has an Och cutting functionality: only the measurement of lighting and color temperatures. Especially interesting parameter-flashing lighting-in the version of Series 2 is not available. I'm disappointed-I would know-I did not buy.

Item title said it was Opple Light Master Pro G3, and I didn't realize they only had version 2 left. I just clicked on the only available item, thinking it was G3, but it was not. My mistake, but quite deceiving announce. Apart from that item arrived in a couple of weeks and in perfect condition. Still, I feel I was fooled, getting G2 at the price of the G3 version...

Dear seller, thank you for your product, delivered quite quickly and quite functional. But there was a problem. The battery is very quickly discharged both during operation and simply during storage. The operating time to a 1% discharge is approximately 15 minutes. When stored fully charged after 3 days 1%. And it only charges up to 85% and no more. Is it possible to solve this problem? Unfortunately, I did not receive an answer on the merits of the question. So judge for yourself, dear potential buyers :(

Good seller, exactly as described. Works well.

Ordered series 2, wanted to measure the flicker of LED lamps. The device came, but it measures only illumination and temperature. It turns out it was necessary to take pro series. Although initially on reviews I realized that Pro has a more accurate sensor. In fact, Series 2 is a trinket, it will have to be thrown out.

Be aware. Series 2 does not have the secondary sensor. It does not measure CRI nor flicker. The only option currently available is Series 2, but the description is for Pro G3 version. This is very deceptive.

Ordered version pro, sent light-master-II

Sells Series2, this is not pro version! Do not buy this nonsense!

Original listing didn't mention that the 2nd generation is only capable of measuring CCT and illumination, not CRI or flicker. Unit came with a dead battery (only worked while charging) and died completely after a few hours.

Passed the CET six postomat. Description of confusing-think that you take Pro version, but in fact you take the old one, no measurement ripple. Do not take the series 2-enough old version, what is not necessary. Came completely dead. Application set Pro understands both versions.

Caution! Series 2 does not know the features that can be read from information! Very deceptive! All the features only the Pro knows - which is not available. Where does the text "Series 2" appear even once among many color images? And where is it described and the fact that the Series2 can only measure Lux and CCT? Positive - delivery was fast and the device works.

I’m not the only. Ordered light master pro and received light master II. Everywhere is written that it’s light master pro. Be careful. I was looking forward for this product. I'm disappointed.

Never received.

Bought G2 instead of G3

The device of 2018 year of release, came fully discharged led did not blink when turned on, first charged with a current of 10mA then 40mA battery capacity 80ma, when charging after the charge connected normally in the application two tabs on the first illumination and color temperature at the second color temperature with coordinates, For your money, I'm waiting for an excellent device about the version for comparison.

Excellent thing, measured everything from lamps to monitors, satisfied!

Excellent instrument for testing lamps, lanterns and lighting. Three times cheaper than radex Lupin, and has more functionality. Beautiful packaging, a metal case is a great gift for those who want to save sight. Delivery is fast, thanks 5post.

Put the second version, although I bought pro, specifically specified the seller this question, he first wrote to me that the pro was sent, and then the pro was written again. In general, be careful when buying, the pro version very often ends, and the seller begins to sell 2 version. Opened a dispute.

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