M2-12V 마사지 총 전문 근육 통증 완화 바디 릴리프 근막 마사지 총 마사지 기계

브랜드 이름: Booster boluojun

근원: CN (정품)

증명서: 세륨,FCC

크기: 멀티 사이즈 SML

품목 유형: 안마 & 이완

신청: BODY

모델 번호: M2-B 12V

재료: 복합 재료

Color: Black Blue

Charger: Type-C cable

Weight: 1kg

Rated output: 5V/2A

Frequency: 900-3200rpm

Stroke: 10mm

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Category: Beauty & Health

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최신 스마트 타격 제어 기술. 모터 토크 및 속도의 빠른 조정과 함께 사용자가 가한 압력을 실시간으로 모니터링하여 속도와 강도를 원활하게 전환할 수 있습니다.
가하는 압력에 따라 피드백을 제공하고 완벽한 마사지를 사용자 정의하십시오.

1.Q: 제품에 보증이 있습니까? 판매 후 문제가 발생하면?
A: 우리 제품에는 18개월 보증이 있으며 애프터 서비스를 제공할 것입니다. 제품에 문제가 있는 경우 언제든지 저희에게 연락해 주시면 문제를 해결하는 데 도움을 드리겠습니다.

2.Q: 배송하는 데 얼마나 걸립니까? 추적 번호가 제공됩니까?
A: 우리는 당신이 지불을 완료한 후 1-2일 이내에 상품을 배송할 것입니다.창고는 한국과 가까운 산둥성 위해에 위치하고 있습니다.상품은 주문 후 5일 이내에 귀하의 손에 도착할 것입니다.

3.Q: 영어 설명서를 제공합니까?
A: 우리는 패키지에 영어 설명서를 제공합니다.

4.Q: 제품에 만족하지 않으면 어떻게 해야 합니까?
A: 상품을 받은 후 만족하지 않으면 가능한 한 빨리 저희에게 연락하십시오. 수령 후 15일 이내 무료 반품 및 교환.

5.Q: 제품 품질은 어떻습니까?
A: 친구여, 품질에 대해 걱정하지 마십시오. Booster는 중국 최고의 브랜드로, 기술을 사용하여 건강을 보호하고 스포츠 재활에 중점을 둡니다. 우리는 보장 된 품질의 제품을 생산하기 위해 최선을 다하고 있습니다.


Based on 1349 reviews

Customer Reviews

Shipping and delivery is fast, packing is excellent. The quality of the massager was pleasant, it's nice to hold in your hand, it's nice to use, it's good to knead muscles after training.

I did not communicate with the seller. Sent on the trail. day. Mail of the Russian Federation to ekb for 4 days. Its 12 kg it does not give out, but easy massage does, for the house norms. My Quadras do not want to work. I recommend for home use.

The goods came relatively quickly, handed the courier, under the package the box itself see in what condition, the benefit of the massager in a hard case, inside everything is intact. Killo geryć must have been on his way to customs. The massager has not yet used but everything works and the quality of assembly and materials at altitude. Seller recommend. The goods are excellent! Thank you!

Cool machine. Delivery fast, courier to the door within a week.

Very good shopping! I 've been using it for a week and it works great and it comes very well for massages. The power is fine, and depending on the ball you use it gives you more intensity or less. It's not loud, okay. The weight is right, when you 've been a while it does weigh a little but nothing exaggerated. It is quite large and performs very well with its function. Very fast shipping to Spain! Very happy with my purchase.

Very good battery and good with good lasting just not like that for off have off button down and not on display Toch. More good product relieves muscles and releases the nodules.

Delivery from a warehouse in Russia, in Saratov, to the doors of the apartment for 3 days. Packed in an outer box with a manufacturer's logo, then there is a box with a photo of a massager and information. Inside is a bag for carrying and storing a massager, with a female base and fabric upholstery. In addition, inside lies a layer of foam. The outer packing came without damage, and inside is packed so that damage is unlikely. Track track. The massager corresponds to the description. Was charged at 68 percent, immediately turned on, works fine, modes switch, nozzles are all in the kit and they are really needed for different depth of massage, different muscles. Both work with sensitive areas, and work out trigger points. Works quietly, relatively ancient massager. Power for professional massage seemed insufficient. But I took as a gift to my mother, and she does not need excess power, it's more for athletes. I'm happy with the purchase. Thanks seller

Powerful unit, came later than declared for 3 days. Delivery plus in the Russian Federation. At Me developed the syndrome of zoudek after a break in the wrist, tight movement in the small joints of the brush and lymph-stasis, it has been a very 1/2 that you need a stronger device. Immediately reduces swelling, but not for a long time, we will work. Thank you for accelerating delivery. I recommend.

For me, this is a very successful purchase! Dolbit as it should and in different modes!!! Compared with the massager Xiomi for 11 K and say that the functionality is not inferior, but attachments and even more!!! The seller is as adequate as possible and the delivery speed is good (8 days) to Kaliningrad. When the delivery was damaged the packing of the goods and a small dent on the case, the work is not affected, but since it was bought for the purpose of the gift, it opened the dispute

Quality for all 110% looks expensive device, came 57% charging, works quietly, even madly, charges from USB type C, for me it was important, ordered for 3100. It came to the Altai territory in the village of Altai in 7 days, brought the courier, I advise the seller, sent within 20 minutes after payment, all at the highest level!

Came in time, as the seller said. Delivery by courier to door. For this money-top, the functionality is the same as for 10-15 k in the store.

The device is just super! Delivery from Moscow to Chelyabinsk Region 8 days by courier. The lace is short, and he does not need, his own is full.

Oh oh ~ years beyond afternoon four o'clock ordered the days day received your shipping fully washable RayoLumbar disc because leg pain deep sea from local saw key once used the basic living and now is charging in progress for light machine of strength 쎈 trolling is know decent living as it's fault but Anna long pants grow up not ~ size dock and charge some pro determine if that is terrific positive data charging line is what rat tail dont think .... High speed charging, safe and happy??

In general, for their money a good device, and now in order: Came charged at 60-70%, but with each inclusion for some reason, the rate of % of the charge, is, to 55 fell with the first use and rose from the next to 67 again. Packed perfectly, the cover is excellent. On the AI mode wildly pushes-the speed of the same pressure, stops periodically for 1-2 seconds every seconds 5-10 is very uncomfortable and so nozzles norms, massager norms :)

The massage is well arrived + a very fast shipping 5 days as much as! Packet was well packed. The massage gun Booster sits there solid out exactly as it shown is, it functions very well I am happy with it after short use and I am wondering after a long term. So far is the top thing!

Everything corresponds to the description. Came charged at 86%. Works without complaints. In the complete set of wires Type-C. The device is heavy. Nozzles in stock. Seller recommend. Instruction in English.

Looks quality Turned on check everything works, the interest before the eyes is reduced

The product corresponds to the description. The battery is charged. Very pleasant to the touch coating (softach). Delivery in three days, free of charge in sdek. I recommend this seller. Well done

Shipping wholesale quickly came well and etc.. Booster rub with seems well to buy four .... ^^ Once the luxury and massaging function trihydric divided into the port the high. AI mode is a tingly. Note-rope pick system used by Bonnie 100% charge with this france low crotch in the ence, misbecome So one reference and 80% Degree Men that Bonnie seems to afford its. Cheap rub instruments buyers please accept as living really OK iPhone EE ^^

very good packing and its nice machine. delivered in pakistan just 15 days. its impressive

The massager is excellent, the power is quite enough. Recommend

The first 2 days are all good. Charges long For its segment is good. Not professional, for simple tasks at home. In their own words, the depth of impact is less than that of pros.

this item is amazing,my best purchase from AliExpress,and very fast delivery from Poland to Bulgaria for 8 days.

Like! Passes certain robustness and quality. The Where's help to store items demande worry losing them. Recommend!

Everything came quickly, well packed, I'm happy with the purchase.

Came days for 5. the quality is excellent, the battery is powerful, the charge holds for a long time, quite strong massage

Good strong massager. Noisy, why need the same nozzles and did not understand. There are massager 2 times cheaper than good quality. In general, a good massager, nothing unusual

Hello, shipping and delivery fast, quality workmanship is good, good, battery pack holds 2-3 hours, charging for 1 hour, touch control, battery indicator, completely fit the description. The kit includes massager, instruction manual, charger, case, 6 nozzles, guarantee in 18 months, 2 boxes. Massager booster M2 perfectly suitable for home use. Recommend you this seller and massager booster м2. Thank you very much.

Better than S4, less noise, less heavy, no off every 10 minutes, charge falls on one percent of , Rather than the 10%, high quality.

Product ergonomic, rugged and everything is working. Hope it's efficient when use it. Arrived here in Rio de Janeiro in 25 days.

Received but got everything right well packed surplus product good quality arrived very quickly in 18 days loved congratulations for seller-AliExpress and manufacturer a big hug size Brasil

Very good equipment! Recommend! Come with 88% battery charged to Manaus/Amazons took 35 days to arrive.

Delivery to Glazov 8 days. Five. The seller wrote that there are no 12 volts available and offered 2 options to choose from. I chose 24 volts. In the rest is no different. Everything is very beautiful, the battery is charged by 60 percent. Works as it should. Recommend.

Get fast and comes in a briefcase with foremost nicely placed, it is also very I practice to save and transport it. The first loaded the leave it at 100%. The device in Yes weighs slightly, brings several for tools give different kinds of massage. Had my doubts, But once tried is great! Really relaxes the muscula thy ra and you relajas Thy. Totally recommend

Buy 2 pieces. One for a gift. Use almost every day. Come loaded. Charge hold up well. Delivery very fast. Cute case for storage.

Thank you very much to the seller for the speed of shipping and credibility and I recommend dealing with it

Looks very solid, beats strongly, only 7 modes, for a week of use two users were charged once.

From Russia courier delivery the next day. Everything corresponds to the photo. Massaging forward-back. Different operating modes and nozzles, powered by battery and portable. For some time removes unpleasant sensations in the muscles.

Riding package Chelyabinsk 41 day, but order fell on holidays + authorization! Massazhory was charged to 60:, after full charge being charged to 100: - 6 hours (charging Type-C) The Bangs if works at an angle, and the whole machine is good, but not for professional use! +++++

Order 31/3 received 5/4, 28,03 €, weighs over 1Kg, has a lot of strength, wine with 20% and charge in about 3 hours at 100% but when unplugged it puts 86%, the balls are hard, hard plastic heads, they are easily exchanged

Superb massage gun. Great product with very fast delivery! 7 days from Poland to Slovenia.

well packaged, works fine, nice finished, had 6 tips, feels ok

Delivered quickly, less than a week before the door. All work, complete whole set as in the description. Thank you very much!

Excellent quality, beautiful D + Super recommend. Took Ms 30 days to arrive!

Professional quality product. Found that the battery lasts long enough to use. Live within mg, took about 3 weeks to arrive and not taxed.

Very soft touch, easy to use. Great performance. Shipping in four days

The deal went well. The product was sent quickly (the order was on the Plus System), came in a week. the seller answers questions quickly. Packed well, all whole. The massager itself works, time will show how long it will be in good condition.

Great product, quality, the seller sent quickly in same day of purchase and arrived very quickly and without charges, bought on 25/05/22 and arrived on 16/06/22 super fast, great seller, congratulations and thanks

The seller is very responsible and sociable! Any question, reply immediately, all questions removed, I as customer satisfied! The goods of good quality, recommend!

wow it's fantastic! each gear mode has significant speed difference. the sound/noise damping is very effective and much better than the cheaper alternatives on Aliexpress. The auto mode with the crescendo, wave and descendo patterns is also quite effective in massage. though not sure about how effective it is for warming up, but it certainly helps with cooling down.

It works wonderfully! Better than expected. My brother bought one last month in the mall for $160 and this one works just as well. Even has the same attachments & for a third of the price.

Make it a week, looks very nice, kick good, packing all complete.

Cool massager, quite strong, good punches. Display battery cool, Type-C cable can charge from any charger.

Excellent product! Identical to ad! Fast Delivery

Quality flawless! Very satisfied, fast shipping. Thank you!

Cool stuff, it perfectly! For women and massage vibrator in a bottle :)

Goods Received thank you very much, will test, delivery by courier packing intact

Ordered the booster M2 and arrived in record time. This seller is the best of all and the product is quality awesome. Do commend and thank issue education at service, quality, finally a perfect shopping experience. Note 1000

All right came super fast, now play try it. In a few days I will add comments

Items like. Delivery fast. Did not communicate with. Home use very decent product

Delivery slightly pumped up., not only with the delay, and even more, it's such a feeling that kicked from China ....! But thanks to the seller, well packed, the outer box had to be thrown out .... Shop and sellers recommend.!

Everything is Fine yes, Super delivery three days to Bashkiria, the device is worth this money very very good take will not regret the seller many thanks.

Perfect vibrator it is very strong She comes fast

The box is heavily crumpled. A little delay on delivery. In general, everything is fine. You can make an order. Original.

It's just an incredible thing for muscle. A lot of tips, looks like iPhone in massagers. A lot of tips, many modes. Battery lasts long enough. Super recommend

Sooo good, arrived well packed, good power and complies with the promised, fully satisfied with the massageadora.

carton Box were damaged , fortunately seems not damages at the product.

The product is of great quality and is exactly like the photos and described the announcement. Arrived fast and had no problem with the use. Battery good durability.

The gun was pleased. I did not expect such performance. I myself do sports, after heavy training, I remove clogged muscles. For home use I think for a long time enough. The seller is definitely like that!

Super fast, very well packed, co your carry case. It looks really good.

Delivered next day to me. I'm very satisfied and happy. It works great, I recommend to buy. Incredible massage. I wonder how long battery will be usable - to check in future after using to massage. Just buy and test it. I buy without the charger (not 24V). My is charged by wired like in phone - type USB - C (wire is included, about 45 cm, recomended charger 2A, 5V). Looks like a professional tools.

Purchase 27/06 Received 15/07 Great product, excellent quality material, printing premium product. The motor is very strong. The tips are cool, but will read the manual to see what each one. Has several modes of vibration. The wife liked. Came well packaged in carton of own brand and product box inside. Come with battery 100% Recommend the product and the seller

Material very good, arrived in less than a month here in Fortress

The order came with a little delay, but everything is whole and in working order. Charged was 80%. made soundly, the quality is satisfied, the complete set as in the description. Already tried all the modes, I liked it. Let's see how long it takes.

Little long szła shipment. But after this I am mega satisfied with this purchase. Before long sprawdzę whether zaakceptują also my patients❤️ Thank you and recommend

Bought as a gift, in appearance everything is chic. Only the box itself slightly crumpled with prosperity, but it's nothing.

Product quality, delivery fast and efficient. Not taxed, the machine is great with good grip and the pressure is great. Will help in my work. The downside is that the case of protection and shipping came without the brand name, was very ugly.

I gifted this to a friend and he is very happy with it. I am considering purchasing more. Delivery about took 2nd weeks. Friend gift light, make you satisfied. Add buy consider China. Shipping is weeks or so Jam.

Bought for 3900. It's worth your money. The quality of plastic is not super, but not shirp.

Excellent massager, there is with adjustable power vibration is pressing. Delivered by courier. Initial charge 30%. Charging USB. 4 Modes of power, three dynamic modes. Cover soft, pleasant. Not heavy, comfortable to hold. In a bag for storage. The quality is good.

Everything is fine. diameter 7mm

Parcel Arrived in Postamat in пятёрочке for ten days, such as running, will try!

There was a problem, but the seller all resolved itself. Sociable, responsive, recommend it, pleasantly surprised, all 10. The gun regulations, but next time will take more powerful. 4 foot lack, if apply pressure-останавливаю it, although I 70 kg only. For the rest of the body is enough. Do like, use every day, legs lighter, less sore, back also relaxes sensitive.

Very good, very hard, in 30 minutes spent 15% only, very powerful has to be careful not to hurt, silent, comes a briefcase to store and protect all can buy full guarantee satisfaction

Rapid delivery, great massager. Recommend!

Ordered 13.01, came 24.03, received 25.03. In the first delivery to euromail. There was a mistake in the name (having rewritten from English to Russian, it turned out Dr man) had to call everything, because it was a lot of work to get. Got, exhaled, checked. 80% charge. Let's see what happens next. Everything looks decent.

In general, everything is fine, just took from the Mail checked at home, feeling pleasant especially where the Sidal nerve. I hope for several years will last. It came 60 percent charged. Slightly visible glue on the joint and so visible serious jambs did not see. In the hands it is pleasant to lie, but get used to what would be massage necessary) I hope everything will be fine, if something will not be so necessarily add a comment. Thank you to the seller and mail for fast shipment and delivery, before time came for 1 day. Thank you all, have a nice day.

Great product very strong and easy handle!!!! Beautiful hard case!!! Gun is light!!!!

It came a week as, but there was no time to unpack. Very cool thing, although I'm new to it, but I really like it! It seems that everything works properly. Bag class, everything is satisfied, I will recommend to friends and friends. Thank you. There was 94 percent, tried 20 minutes for all family members :)))

Arrived without fees for savior, the material is very robust works very well and the battery hard enough. Recommend.

Everything is super, April 9 ordered. On April 12 he received in podentist. MSC

Came all perfect, the gun is very quiet and very good promises.

Very fast delivery Top 10 congratulations logistics

'M very satisfied with the product came right, and even less of a month arrived perfect and best not taxed.

The thing is certainly gorgeous, I'll go watch videos with lessons of its application.

Works perfectly, built from good material and really functional.

I recommend to everyone! Cool thing!!!!! Super

Excellent massage! Powerful enough. Fast delivery and good price. Thank you!!!

I got the massage gun very fast. It is working well.

Quality massager, strong. Fast shipping.

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