LXDAC A01 ALC5686 USB Type C to 3.5mm DAC earphone Amplifie Digital Decoder AUX audio Cable hifi adapter converter Android

Brand Name: LXDAC

PCM Sampling Frequencies: 44.1 kHz,48 kHz,96 kHz,192 kHz,384 kHz

PCM Word Length: 16-bit,32-bit

Inputs: USB Type-C

Material: Metal

Origin: Mainland China

Outputs: 3.5 mm

Type: Portable

DSD Sampling Frequencies: NONE

USB Compatibility: Windows 10

Certification: NONE

Bluetooth: No


Model Number: alc5686 type-c dac,JCALLY JA3 CX31993,JCALLY JA04,JCALLY JA08L,JCALLY JM08C,JCALLY JM04PRO

Chip: C101,CX31993,5686

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The link is a combination of multiple brands


1.This link has cables of different specifications, please confirm the specifications you want before placing an order

2. The adapter is only used for music distribution and does not support calls (the adapter does not have a microphone)

3. For the computer system, only the win10 system is supported, and the Win7 system is not supported, and some win10 systems may not be supported, so be careful when purchasing


- Product name: USB Type-C DAC amp

- Interface: USB type C, 3.5mm

- DAC chip: Realtek ALC5686

- Product Length: 13mm±0.5mm

-Core material: 4 strands of single crystal copper wire+4 strands pure silver=8strands

- Weight: 9g

- Packing: Iron box

DAC chip parameters

- PCM decoding ability: up to 32bit/384kHz

- SNR: ≥124dB

- THD+N: -95dB

- Frequency response: 20-80000Hz

- Static working current: 31mA

Dynamic range/DNR: >100dB
Support System: Compatible For win10 and Mac OS X iOS10/Android4.0 and above operating systems

Note: There Are Currently Two Appearance Versions Of Lxdac A01, Which Are Shipped Randomly, Please Understand.(The following picture 1 and picture 2 have random styles)


Based on 661 reviews

Customer Reviews

It arrived fast, the main difference is volume relative to conventional output of cell phone and PC, it is sound is quite cleaner. Works with Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite

fantastic dac, no background noise, sound a clear and detailed.

The delivery was sent out on a multiple basis by NIJ, there was little Buti-Pictor city, came for 3 types. All yak in description, Garno packed. You can't hear the sound of the sound of the sound of the sound.

very good quality sound very good

High quality product, seller to ++,100% reliable, I recommend

Very good build quality and a very noticeable difference in sound. It's completely compatible with my headphones and my smartphone. Dispatched and delivered quickly, in just 2 weeks, and a very responsive seller, good service. Briefly, highly recommended

Delivery very fast and PC in normal operation. Fiio Q1 to sound more than when written seems flat.

Greetings, I am very satisfied with the product and the seller, both are of quality. The shipment was made the same day I requested it, on May 28, the other day s went on transport and then in my country it took like a week to get to my province, I'm from Tacna, came today afternoon. I recommend this company, it's very responsible. I was afraid because it's my first import, but seeing the comments I encouraged myself to decide for this supplier. I encourage my compatriots to do so as well, if they are from province, they arrive at home exactly. I have tried the product with different cellphones and the improvement of audio is notable; I also tried PC and lap top, the usb port adapter works well too. I am motivated to continue buying from the present seller.

Everything is good, it came quickly, I'm happy, I'll check that Yes as.(◕‿◕)

Arrived in the stipulated date and is the same as the description. Excellent quality price. Goes great with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5g.

For its price (took for 450) norms!! Delivery delayed for a couple of days. But still fast.

Sounds better than stock adapter that comes with phone.

Beautiful DAC, super sound at good cost. It fits easily on the Windows 10, Linux and Mac compatible PC. Good construction, better amplication over your s headset on your phone. It is so simple and powerful that it is able to lift up to the most demanding headphones, it supports up to 32 bits without any problem.

Good for your price, I was testing it on a gamma media headset and if you notice the amplification besides the improvement in audko's quality, it meets what you promise

Yes, the adapter is clearly better than it was in the kit on the phone Poco F3, straight deep bass is not if you do not climb in the equalizer and began to tune to me at half the volume about as full at the native adapter, I definitely advise you to buy a call-back with the amplifier, Suitable even on the PC tried on gaming headphones if there is no good sound card headphones were louder than just through a regular output of 3.5, yes it can be a wire seems to be pr,, I can not say enough for the bevel, I treat carefully, like that

Fast shipping. Took for Poco X3 Pro, because He's not in his car. This DAC sound amplifies well, the sounds became richer, but there is not enough emotionality, the bass shakes well, but not perfect, not enough volume. Slightly cut off the sound range, I.E. Barely audible background sounds, but also noise also cuts off, the sound becomes as if cleaner. In the headphones Quian 25 I did not like the sound, it was much better in them that Cirrus Logic 46l41 DAC, just magically, I did not even think that that that But with qKZ ak9 headphones, this DAC is shaking better (but not ideal), in the car with Dolby Digital too (better than in headphones). I took it for the car, that's it. Especially attractive to the sound and for good headphones this DAC is not suitable, much better than the above Cirrus Logic 46l41, but it is more expensive. Therefore, for their money a good choice. Without the Poco X3 Pro does not sound at all, so I advise you to purchase at least this one. I advise the seller unequivocally.

Very good quality, you showed a little higher own adapter that came with my rog3, in audio play well can have more information with it, si showed well tough so twisted cable as the ends connectors, and came well packed, And the order arrived before bought 4 and 21, the same month, was delivered in my house by post. My Rog adapter lasted 9 months we will see this lasts more KK

used with android tv box for spotify. close sounding to a alc1220(good enough motherboard audio chip) but little bit veiled on the vocals compared to it

Product quality: luxurious Pearl does, or cheap boy Jean Arthur fit together Sound quality: ten yuan for earphone plug and pretty standard meanwhile (output car the overspill, white noise none, computer connection is OK) Shipping: days only come to surprised sound Bottom line: curious to take in I think than good performance and price due to satisfying China

Very good for the price, it quite improves the quality on an Android

item received in the UK in 2 weeks, quality seems fine, unable to test because I accidentally ordered a lightning one, not a usb C one, woops :) cannot fault retailer though.

Really don't need expensive ones because cx43131 and alc5686 good enough even better

The truth surprised me if it worked on my samsung galaxy s22 ultra. I recommend it works perfectamebte. How bad it takes longer than the month to get to santiago de chile.

Honestly expected more, for 500 rubles it's a natural gift, but, before that, I bought the DAC cheaper, it's in the photo, I liked the sound more, it's more and here it is more even, studio. For a PC is an excellent solution, at a price of a similar sound card in general for free, + you can and with a laptop sound now chase, definitely recommend!

Yes Really Improve Sound Quality with KZ ZSN PRO X. Cable Quality Good Build Quality Good Recommend

Foremost nicely, the material is QUALITY and most importantly if work is redmi note 10 pro and galaxy note 10 plus missing test in more devices But can ensure that the product is very very good

Gain is the sound changes. Bass like more sound like better. But all subjective. Earphones KZ zsn Pro X.

The bad thing is that it does not allow you to answer or make calls from the headset, when connected to the Dac Dongle. So if you get a call in, it won't sound and you'll have to disconnect the Dongle to listen. It arrived well packed, no damage.

Goods received. It works perfectly

5686 and 31993 31993 The result compared rack light and 5686 v loose people. Outside the vocal songs and listen to is 5686 better shows. Bundle earphones reference this line earphones may not like Cotton right now.

White noise make the earphone to reconnect: as Sarah centipede... Connect this properly safe upon a correctly Anna four... Sound quality is tingly... sound a bit more for buying...

The order came quickly to Yekaterinburg, thanks to the seller promptly sent the order! Everything works took first of all as an adapter from the smartphone tipec to Aux, the sound from the DAC from the smartphone Samsung s21ultra did not particularly change it and was Decent

Arrived earlier than expected, to be so cheap has excellent sound quality, I recommend

This is second time I bought this DAC from seller. Bought 2 this time. Both are working. Recommended

Very good USB DAC/Amplifier that works particularly wonderful with low impedance IEMs. It sounds almost as good as the JM10, that is, smooth but detailed, with good transient response speed, offers black background with no hiss whatsoever, male and female voices sound natural and detailed. The sound is balanced and dynamic, bass notes (especially sub-bass) are taut quick and profound. Nothing ever sounded overcooked nor artificial. This is an excellent purchase although I suspect it works best with IEMs of approximately 50Ω or less.

Fast forward. Itself sound louder and more clearly than the cheap USB звуковухах. Put a screen pass, MB someone has to. Cable cool. It is soft, easily deformed. Maybe will live long. Such as a very good value for money.

Works perfectly, tested on Samsung S20 FE and a PC.

Excellent sound amplifier for cell phone, increases volume and clears audio, tested on a samsung a51 and works smoothly, as well as the adapter works on windows 10.

Very small, like ...... not have cable is harder to spoil

On the phone, the growth to the volume is sensitive, I tried without it and immediately with it, at full volume and vacuum fittings, slightly unglowed. As a toy you can take, sometimes you want to listen to music loudly. Budget working option

Well as micro-amplifier, it has twice as much volume as my laptop, plus reaching up to 384kHz with 32 bits (with my cell phone reaches up to 192kHz with HiBy Music But the first time I connected to the USB adapter, it was hard for me to get it out of there, after use it won't cost to get it out.

It's been a long time since I've ordered this item and I finally got it. It came to my post station on 23.02 and I didn't have possibility to get it because I left my town because of war started by Russia. Thanks to the shop and to the administration of AliExpress for longer term.

Works better than standard output. There is a decent volume reserve, I can not listen to the maximum exactly

I got it successfully and it’s looking great!!!

Well pribluda interesting, there is weight and weight is reliability) if you listen to music from the computer through this hat and the truth is louder than Windows sees as 32 bit. With the phone well, there is a difference but on special. Well, for 800₽ is worth it

The truth that meets the described, increases the sound power. Shipping if it's been delayed could improve.

Fast arrival (days) and meets with non-caustic. Original the crystal or Samsung product than volume gain much good. Fast delivery, better sound with reasonable cost.

It's for 16 days сдэком in SF. An interesting thing, my headphones KZ zsn pro really better open the phone, sound clearer and deeper. Recommend beginners audiophiles!

Good quality. Adopt the note size occur but music play 땐 Recoder. Output high

The sound is good better than through the auction

The quality is good, it works. Recommend.

Delivery in 3 days

arrived very fast, works OK, recommend seller

Caustic non nicer-in network or expensively-inverse ali is cheap but nicer

It works very well. The sound quality is also clean and AKG k702 water let is heard from in at all the

Good smooth sound)

thanks you ❤

Shipping drawstring washable oil price may be different requirements Performance even Jell

Thank you very much.

July 23 days order July days arrival

The drama club performance enhancement X This price for this performance? O


works well.

No what than the good reviews. There's good and write only!!! Recommended

I highly recommend it

Nicer ~~

Excellent I received in month تقريبة

Very good

Shipping fast and performance is also the admission.

Really fast four. Sunday in order to received on Tuesday. Sounds really good. Only one stability for the price is satisfactory.

Good nice and cheap, deliver good quality se audio.

Excellent, it greatly improves the sound of my PC and my cell phone using HiFi audiphones.. 100% recommended!

Looks as beautiful as in the picture. I expected a hard wire, but it's very soft. In comparison with a simple adapter, the sound is really much louder! What's inside, in fact, a DAC or a nifig, can not be recognized.

Very good furniture product, have best volume the Cirrus Logic

Received intact. Fully corresponds to the description. Works well. Seller is recommended.

All top, Sound on top. Connect to mikroyusb through 2 adapter, it works, mostly working on a computer.

Excellent sound, tried 24bit/192kHz keeps really, it's higher to measure nothing. I recommend to everyone! At volume, the stock is also excellent!

I was wrong and ordered IPhone-type conwx. I bought a USB Type-C adapter and with the non-function adapter, a colleague left me his iPhone and it works. I write this comment to advise that this cable with adapter It doesn't work or at least me. The seller was attentive, didn't return the pasta clear haha, but good shipping and perfect aftersales.

Very good little dac that does not lack power!!!! At this unbeatable price!

Got it right, very good this adapter was what was looking, the sound is much better with it because the sound quality is 32 bits, also can use microphone with this adapter, just plug and use. Found the sturdy cable, very well done. Tested with Mac OSX, mobile and tablet work in them all, I am very pleased and recommend purchase the seller was fast.

Work fine with my SE 2, but cannot use the mic and audio same time

Realtek chipset normally come high output. Just smart phone (Android) connect the very small sound for iPhone yes cut away the problem corporeity. Working data library, soundproof booth as very quiet place in detailing the Beast you hear a very incredibly small sound only pruning D in Chad the bitter, or speaker wrote, or if cotton nerve write and spirits earphone without having even a small a listen to if no problem.

Hyundai Sonata Elantra & Sonata pro make residential Iran hanging felt. 걍 tiger skull mailbox backdrops turn three parts. Volume size.

Good, both my Intel NUC and Galaxy A53 support it. Clear sound, and the headset microphone works well too. Fast delivery to Japan.

very good quality for the price. works ok on win 7 and 8 with realtek usb audio driver. does not work on win xp, also does not work on usb 1.1 ports on really old pc's(usb 2.0 and later supported)

At the output of this device, the signal level is much higher than on the stock (in the phone) four times!, but the sound quality is unfortunately despite even using neutron with the appropriate settings (ie 384 K 32B), worse than on the phone (Xperia XZ2 Premium).

Super fast shipping, very good material and if you notice the difference, if there is a notable increase in audio quality, all perfect

Sounds great, produces HQ sound. No static noise. Would recommend.

An excellent Dac enhances the details with great sharpness.

HD600 degree drive output is one option. HD58X degree garage full of Koyo EQ say that applied to afford a certain amount of volume men. This degree is in quality cotton make you satisfied.

The article has arrived perfectly and very well protected. I haven't been able to prove it yet.

Sound louder and just a little clearer with phone, clearly there.

High quality sound - works well on android and macos

Sound is perfect. It works with Google Pixel 6 pro.

Received in order days only. Earphone output is right to feel as dating four. Finely Dunn inaudible noise no edging. The sound quality of dry mark or the strikingly like picture die run dry. Satisfied with caustic costs significantly.

Excellent operation, fast reception, a great thank you

It turned out to be a super wiring, the phone is Xiaomi with Monk headphones first, played like a player! The cable itself is soft in appearance all quality!

The goods did not come, made a refund, immediately all returned.

Product as in pictures by seller, delivered quickly. Very transparent musical picture. Voice replication piano bass are good. However precution are too bright and metalik to my taste, it depends perhaps on my earphones.

Perfect for me sound and volume! Actually strengthens and gives a certain clear listening experience! Very satisfied and not made a mistake in choosing a chip in the device! Seller recommend!

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