Improve intestinal absorption digestive balance colony vegetarian enzymes reduce stomach gas abdominal distension constipation

Brand Name: Trorexl

Origin: CN(Origin)

Number of Pieces: One Unit

name: probiotics

feature: 40pcs/bottle

Model Number: Portable probiotics

type 1: weight loss slim diet enzyme

type 2: Support Digestive Health

type 3: stomach

type 4: Protect the intestines and stomach

type 5: Promote Healthy Cholesterol

type 6: Improve constipation

type 7: Improve flatulence

type 8: Improve diarrhea

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Category: Beauty & Health

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Portable probiotics
[product specification]40 pieces / bottle
[validity period] 24 months.
[usage and dosage] take 2 tablets each time, once a day, with warm water
[health care function]:

Support digestive health*
Slimming enzyme*
Strengthen the immune system*
Increase nutrient absorption*
Reduce swelling and gas*
Improve brain function and mental clarity*
Improve intestinal absorption*
Promote healthy cholesterol*
Improve mood and health*

[storage method] sealed, stored in a cool and dry place

300 billion CFU, developed by doctors: Our Non GMO maximum strength supplement is prepared by doctors -30 billion CFU and 15 scientifically tested strains in each capsule to provide you with immune system support, digestive system health and intestinal health. Research shows that probiotics may also be a natural way to improve mental health and mood.

*More than 20 times the highest probiotic formula - guaranteed power* Our ultra-high power, advanced probiotics supplement 300 billion probiotics to provide 15 high-quality strains per capsule of probiotics.

*Unlike other weak probiotics, our 300billion probiotics contain probiotics in enhanced sustained-release capsules to ensure maximum absorption, whether in thin or thick depths. The perfect probiotic complex helps digestive system health, immune system, good bacteria, intestinal flora, inflammation, gas, swelling, constipation, metabolism, yeast balance and urinary system health + more!



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Customer Reviews

Came quickly . Easy to carry in a bottle.

It's working very well for Me, better than others I 've tried in the past. I recommend it 100% and I'll continue to use it and when I'm done I'll buy more.

There is consumption can regulate the gastrointestinal tract, relieve constipation, relieve the effect of flatulence, I ate once yesterday and feel very good today.

Sleep quality is the same as other equivalent doses of melatonin

Probiotics can regulate intestinal digestion, my usual digestive function is not good, this product helps me a lot.


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