Home Portable EV Charger GBT 32A 7.2KW Single Phase Adjustable Current Fast Charging Controller Box for GB/T Electric Cars 5M

Brand Name: veco chajor

Charger Type: GBT Portable EV Charger 32A

length: 5 Meters

Origin: CN(Origin)

Cable Length: 4 Meters

Material: Thermoplastic

Current: 32A Max

weight: 3.5KG

Operating Temperature: -30℃ _ +50℃

Power: 7.2kw

IP Rating: IP66+IP55

Plug Type: GB/T

Voltage: 220V-240V

EV charger controller: LCD display

Current: 32A,24A, 20A,16A, 10A Adjustable

Plug Type: GB/T Plug

Power Plug: 3 Pins blue cee

Item length: 5M

Warranty: 1 Year

Color: Black

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Recharge your electric car from your home or on the go
Portable EV Charger GBT 32A for Electric Car

Electric Vehicle Portable EV Charger GB/T 32A 7.2KW CEE

                                         Electric Parameters

Rated Voltage

220-240V (1 Phase) AC;

Rated Current (Power)

32A 1 Phase, 7.2KW



Insulation Resistance

> 1000MΩ

Terminal Temperature Rise


Withstand Voltage


Contact Resistance


Item Length

5m/ 16.4ft

Mechanical Performance

Mechaincal Life

>1000 times no-load plug in/ off

Coupled Insertion Force


Withstand Impact

Dropping from a 1 m- height and

running- over by a 2T vehicle.



Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94 V-0

Cable Material



Copper alloy, silver plating

Plug Type

EV Plug

GB/T Plug

Power Plug

3 Pin blue CEE plug


Work Temperature

-30℃ ~ +50℃

Work Humidity

5%~ 95%

Work Altitude


Safety and Warranty

Ingress Protection




Certification Standard



1 Year






Packing List

EV Charger * 1; User manual* 1

Part information

1. Charging plug: Meet GB/T standard

2. Power plug: 3 pins CEE plug

3. Charger Length: 5m(16.4ft)

Product details

a) Voltage : 220-240V

b) Current : 32A (24A, 20A, 16A, 10A adjustable)

c) Operating Temperature: -30℃ ~ +50℃

d) IP66

LCD display

*Charging temperature

*Charging current

*Charging voltage

*Charging energy, KW/h

*Set current

*Charging speed (KW)



1. Don't submerge the EV charging box in water.
2. Don't step on, fold or knot the cable.
3. Don't drop the EV charging box or place a heavy object on it.
4. Don't place the charging cable near high temperature object when charging.
5. Don't operate the EVSE in temperatures beyond its operating range of -25°C to 55°C.
6. Power-supply side input cable should be at least 3*2.5mm(recommended 3*4mm), with a standard 16A scoket. It is suggested taht the power distribution is done by the professionals.
7.Don't put fingers into the charging connector when the power plug is still connecting to the power.
8. Don't use this EV charging box when the cable is damaged.
9. Don't use this device with an extension cord or adaptor.


1. Verify the full name, address, zip code and contact number is right before making payment.

2. Customers in Brazil please fill in your CPF, customers in Chile please fill in your RUT.

* In accordance with the requirements of the EU's value-added tax (VAT) tax reform, goods sent to EU 27 countries must provide the following numbers: VAT tax number or IOSS number.

* At the request of the Korean Customs, all shipments to Korea need to provide the recipient's Personal Customs Clearance Code(PCCC) or  Recipient's 8-digit birthday number.

3. Orders are sent from China. Items shipping internationally will be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Sellers set the item's declared value and must comply with customs. Buyers are subject to additional charges for customs clearance.

4. If you have any problems with the product you received, please contact us first, we will try our best to solve it for you.


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