For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera Lens Protector Aluminum Alloy Metal Tempered Glass Camera film For s22ultra accessories

Model Number: samsung Galaxy s22 ultra

compatible models: For samsung s22 series

feature: With installation auxiliary base plate

tempered glass: with aluminium edge

feature 2: Scratch-resistant, ultra-thin and transparent

samsung s22 ultra 5G camera lens protector: 5pcs/1set

package: Exquisite gift box packaging

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Customer Reviews

Ever single lens-not the Arsenal for spare use we purchased as well stick as for Plain glass was well and ND filter cotton. Seems to be even more good products random Transparent case fits snugly without nail gun for even more Ding nail design ㅎ ㅎ case anti jolt hole 뚤 should the ㅎ ㅎ

Quite impressive speed and quality product. Recommend both item as the seller.

Very good, and excellent goods I advise the seller, thank you very much

very nice very clear lens happy with them, I recommend here is the best lens thanks seller, I am lucky to order two kits for my S22 ultra

I touch's loyal pink. Product quality is very high. New color to buyer. Very beautiful. Upgrade the bottom plate with better can be installed. Very favorite. Recommend it!

Multiple times buy did the seller even this time lens film tracking extruder for ence used when every improvement Busin very good shop is glittered listen

I shop at times bought. Because of poor quality product backside of film to tear and camera-fit cotton fine hole mobile phone case compatible with. Recommend!

Wholesale pretty and product surface scratched where no smooth what about one only has arrived in the shipping wholesale fast and two color color glittered in the recommended!

Good product is always love you multiple times buy light to pave the seller and products Hemming Pandora upgrade with the main and hydrogel film Like bought the cheap price what's great at +++

Fast arrival. A week in store in S22 ultra screen protector with lens film bought. Package complete, was sufficient for mounting kit we designed. Matte hydrogel film very hazy. Keeping in mind. Lens Protector firmly fixed. Works well when take photos, I like it.

The design of the scattered protective lens is cool, it makes the phone look more like the original after installation, a whole piece of lens film just makes the phone look very bulky

Package arrived after installing. As picture shown, very simple and used with iPhone case can, so even more securely for can making. Favorite!

Product is very beautiful under. Art works like painting and match. Seller pay after the next day for me the package sent. Shipping out for one week in did not. Recommend!

Second purchase, seller of improved packaging, more luxurious flower looks, products as always good and no problem. This shop friend recommend to you as soon as possible

Product packaging is very beautiful. Box outside in foam bag, protection for good role and inside is sufficient installation package and dust, alcohol wet wipes and dry to remove anti-dust sticker right now. Cloth, installation is very convenient. Suitable for novice. I like it!!

Shipping fast product well and Black month sliver lens month bought phone case month bought used so terrific installation after reviews and phone protection for other will also continue buying can be scheduled!

Really nice. Just as described, arrived in 3 weeks, no communication with seller, perfect for what I need.

Everything is being done well, good quality look, everything is Lens clings perfectly, well protected, and take pictures when white light, no fast shipping, strongly recommended!!

Simple to use, works with most cases as well! Good stuff!

Color as photos and installation is simple and fast product home page for installation videos also same one camera to fully adhesion is not loose and long to protect you will like it.

About a week only arrived in logistics than other shops quicker and product is old enough. I believe this shop will love this!

I recommend everything is fine About 20 days in Nizhny Novgorod

The quality was better than expected and the delivery was quick. Perfectly protects your camera. Very satisfied.

pretty and high quality,doesn't seem like a protector in on. well packed, arrived quickly to Canada took around 17 days

Package is in perfect condition as arrived and was not. Seller provides accurate box replace. First purchase, not everything is perfect.

Very good. Shipped and delivered fast. Fits Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro great. No issues with camera quality. Highly recommended. Both product and seller.

Ali threading faster than temperature did me the basic material is good button butterfly summer goods unsatisfactory or just punch hole drilled hole only lin genuine case will think is fit for later use throw the happy four key

Initially I thought this would be another crap, but I was surprised by how it's looks when installed. Pretty awesome.

Package is very soon has arrived. Each camera protector is individually can be installed. I like it. Very cool look and totally adhesive is very good protection function. Chyi is reliable shops. Five stars!!

Good protection lens. It looks nice on the phone, see the attached picture. I didn’t had any issues to stick them onto the cameras. Recommend.

Once located the high Suggest Big Little was the rafts used ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ plug version screen map largo ㅋ ㅋ You care? These services The reference to grapple had used... Know Bonnie Bee having stepped pulls ....... ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ as long as that appearance, design as a whole Tidy and glittered creates ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

Everything is fine, came up on the Galaxy S22, convenient to install, made in 5 Minutes itself without problems, the case does not interfere with the main thing well glue and wipe the dust the

It looks great on Me and it's as described. So my most protected cameras

Fast arrival VE, product Picture and match, easy to install, what ++


Well-received. Still use this but good dish with thanks.

Thought living more than the thickening, quality is very good! After installation effect will be forward

Two pieces for your dog is broken Det This is cotton real comfort

Good packing, this is the best quality with the shop.. Forward often come.

Fit perfectly

It was more than a month in Tyumen. It came perfectly.

Cool protection on the camera. easily installed.


Excellent Product arrive on time

מצויין fast shipping

Nagyon Jo! Köszönöm! :)

Quality good and fast and satisfaction

Terrific ~^^

Thank the seller.

Very GOOD ~ !!!

Product pictures and month random shipping days or so Jam

Product as described.

looks good

fits my S22 Ultra perfectly.

So good

Good to do well bought.

item received very fast.

very nice camera glass

Accurate shipping and picture exactly the same as four key



Very stylish and looks beautiful. And plus protection of cameras

Excellent! Easy application and the main protect the camera lenses. Are not really spare!

very good ! perfect camera protection to my galaxy s22 ultra

Product arrived in specified time and during the seller free to was not high enough installation package offered. Once again thank you very much.

Nice boxes are packed in a box of iPhone picture, please ask us for Samsung S22 Ultra. Inside for was to say that disassemble used faced over the misleading, although there may be is ok, good product, easy to install, keeping in mind the


Everything is delivered very, very quickly idial goods! Recommend!

Not yet tested. Very fast supplies - less than ten days.

reliable seller, super fast delivery and adjusted prices!!!

2 Weeks fast delivered will recommend this seller. Thank you.

Excellent quality and not much on the phone. More thank you. Very satisfied.

Excellent quality, original packaging, recommend seller and goods

excellent lens protectors...easy to install ...fast shipping...

Very good protective lens, fits perfect and because it is thin allows to place tight housing

They were well placed even though I don't know why two were tarnished. I took off the glass and put the ring back on.

Good quality, however removal tool was not included as per photo of the ad.

Other than glass, almost invisible on the camera, the only negative is not compatible with original covers have separate cut-out for each camera

Do not put the product in cell ....

Perfect lenscovers with convenient attachment for the places. Top recommended.

I received the order quickly. Product well packaged. Complies with the description. The seller is serious. I recommend it

A +++ Fit good I AJ originál Samsung zatvárací kryt this what has napravo Hore vý rez. .. Trocha vyčnieva but dá SA

Excellent Product looks very well protected cameras. Fast delivery.

הזכוכיות look top quality and embossed more midi ככה doesn't Sky heart even if are glued on the camera or not

I recommend it and strongly Shi Khorafi for safety a luxurious type of the other materials used in manufacturing excellent

great price, very high quality lens covers that come with a lens guide to make it easy to put them all on. 5 stars definitely worth buying. i highly recommend getting this for your s22u. double check your case though to make sure it can accommodate a bit more space for the camera lenses

Camera protector excellent, not strip beauty device, very easy application

Very good product, easy application, it has separate modules, covering individually each camera while all OK

One of the best products I ever ordered! High quality, fits right on with ease Fast shipping, 5 stars plus! Thank you to the seller! Highly recommended

Qualifade excellent. Can be installed and used with case. Very good.

This product to love you, new color have been added immediately buy ve. After installation will take follow-up action. What +++

Excellent and easy to place and mobile phone lens for well protection and what about in has arrived. Package is well protected and the product is not damaged did. Thank you very much!

Great quality, does not change the camera image. Both in image quality in the visual external, seems that is not using the film.

Excellent product! It meets the words in the description. Very easy to install and sent very fast!

Package to arrive at sight youre should not install saw good the product is installed after pictures taken the issue no Display clean and perfect to be continued in later buy scheduled recommend!

Just installed in 5 seconds and pass another 15 minutos to see where the protection Was hahaha then realize that is on the Phone lens

fits perfect.. installment was a bit sketchy but i managed. all by all good product. not fingerprint resistent glass tho. you gonna need to clean it often

exactly as described and really easy to fit! turn up in a few weeks too.

Gluing machine is very readily How safe is the one falling long but back paste get in trouble that Protection function seems to be well-being for babies

Great lens protector for galaxy s22 ultra, it fits perfectly and doesn't interfere with my spigen case

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