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A Book Review of an Intercontinental Expedition

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A Book Review of an Intercontinental Expedition

This fascinating book follows one man's cross-continental journey. It's the story of an intercontinental adventure, which Severin describes with great detail, including the logistical challenges, political and economic problems, and assorted mishaps and disasters. It reads like the classic British comedy set abroad, with incidents such as the journalist Severin crashes into in France or the inexperienced team members causing disaster. There's even a bit about the French that makes the French cringe.


Inspired by a ninth century Slavic deity and medieval sculpture, Sviatovid is a projection-mapped monolithic monument to Polish culture. The artist, BartKresa Studio, took the all-seeing nature of the Slavic god and developed a library of interactive animations and multimedia content to bring the Sviatovid experience to life. It is projected from four PT-RQ32K Panasonic laser projectors, which were designed to enhance the overall experience.

The interactive installation debuted at ISE Amsterdam, the world's largest AV/systems integration tradeshow, in Feb. 2019. Afterward, the work traveled to Lublin, Poland, where it was installed at the Centrum Spotkania Kultur, a cultural institution unique in Europe and home to the BartKresa Academy of Projection Design. Once installed, it is now available for public viewing on the internet.

Biking Queens

The Biking Queens are an Indian cycling team that will be taking the bike across Asia, Europe, and Africa in June 2019. This expedition will include 25 countries. The Biking Queens plan to visit women's organizations and government officials in every country they visit. The aim of their trip is to raise awareness about women's issues and build pride. Their journey is a true testament to the power of women.

The Biking Queens campaign began in Surat, Gujarat, and ended in Delhi on Tuesday. The goal of the campaign was to increase awareness for the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao initiative. The journey covered 10 Asian countries and the Prime Minister met the women before embarking on their journey. They met with representatives of the World Health Organization and traveled by bike to promote gender equality. The journey took them through India, Nepal, and Bhutan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

Mehta plans to visit different countries next year to learn more about the cultures of the people she visits. She also plans to visit villages to educate women about their rights and how to make their lives better. As well as biking across the country, she plans to meet women from various ethnic backgrounds and to make connections between them. Durriya M. Tapia, a travel agent in Gujarat, has organized the trip, which was flagged off by the Gujarat chief minister Anandiben Patel.

Despite being an all-female bike club, the team had some problems. They encountered bureaucratic problems in Thailand due to new legislation. The Indian embassy had to apply to the land transport ministry for a clearance, which was granted to them as a "goodwill gesture" after the Thai PM's visit to India. Another problem was food. The Biking Queens survived on rice and vegetables while on the journey, and even shared a car to transport food and spare parts.

The team also had a difficult time planning their route through uncharted territories. For instance, they had to obtain visas in countries where they had no air tickets. Not only did they have to obtain visas for their bikes, but they had to explain why they were riding a motorcycle and explain what they were doing to a visa officer. For the rest of their trip, they would continue their journey through Europe and Africa, and would end in London on June 5, 2019.

Getaway Adventures

If you are interested in overlanding trips, then Getaway Adventures is the company to call. They have been providing travel experiences to destinations all over the world for nearly two decades. Their trips are designed for both the inexperienced traveler and the more adventurous. There are several different types of trips to choose from:

Quark Expeditions

If you have a bucket list that includes a trip to the polar regions, then you may want to consider a Quark Expeditions intercontinental cruise. Their luxurious ships boast helidecks, modern spa and fitness facilities, and gourmet restaurants. Their ships are also designed for maximum efficiency, with fuel, water, and waste handling systems optimized to maximize the time spent on the expedition. Quark Expeditions also works closely with the Association of AECO and IAATO to help maintain their environmental goals.

Travelers can experience more off-ship adventures on Quark Expeditions than on any other cruise line in the world. Their diverse fleet of specially equipped expedition ships and seasoned expedition leaders allow passengers to immerse themselves in the polar wilderness. Adventure options include everything from getting an aerial view of the Arctic landscape to kayaking through iceberg-filled waters. In fact, more than half of their travelers choose to partake in at least one adventure activity.